Guild Wars 2 Receiving New In-Game Event By End of November

Enjoyed ArenaNet’s Halloween-inspired event Shadow of the Mad King? Then you’ll be happy to hear about The Lost Shores, the second, of what seems like to be many, special event coming to Guild Wars 2. ArenaNet hasn’t divulged the full skinny on the event, preferring to tease us with concept, in-game assets and just enough text to make this post have a point.

Something stirs in the Sea of Sorrows…
Unravel a mystery of monstrous proportions in The Lost Shores, a massive one-time world event that will change Tyria forever!

That’s it. That is literally all we have to go on at the moment, so let the speculation begin. I’ll start. In the first two stills we see the area of The Lost Shores teeming with life. There’s the friendly lizard and a swath of vegetation. Sliding to the last screenshot it’s a barren grey landscape devoid of anything that could possibly contain loot or award XP.

There is that ship in the background…

What do you think it could be? What are your thoughts on one-time events?