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Enter the Zombie! 121

It’s been months since I’ve been able to post. Between a serious illness or two (that were both amusingly a series of numbers and letters very similar to this game’s name) and a neck injury that left me unable to sit in front of my computer – I have been without posting ability and in the dark so far as gaming has been concerned for months now. It’s difficult, after all, to play an MMO when I can’t sit in front of the computer. But I am back! It feels like from the dead! So how appropriate to start my return with a post about ZOMBIES!!

It looks like SoE has been busy. H1Z1, Sony’s sandbox zombie game, has hit early access. You can pick it up on Steam and play it immediately. It looks super fascinating, I’d probably pick myself up an early access pass if I hadn’t just blown my entire budget for the next millennium on medical bills. I’m really curious about the emergent AI and dynamic environments that Sony has been touting for its new games, and from what I’ve been seeing from people who are playing H1Z1, it’s a hell of a fun time, even in its current early stages. 

It’s early access, and that means bugs galore! I am amused by the list of warnings the devs offer up. Some samples are:

  •   It’s very early – there are lots of bugs. There are likely to be some bad ones. You should fully expect that there will be bugs that persist for a while. Even potentially game breaking ones.
  • The Artwork should all be considered placeholder – The terrain is an 8k x 8k area that is still being worked on. It’s probably 10% of where we expect the quality level to be at launch. There are tons of placeholder textures in and everything hasn’t been updated to the fidelity it needs to be at and will be at given time. 
  •  Expect the servers to be offline sometimes… even unexpectedly. We plan on making frequent changes to the game, and this means sometimes the servers need to come down. This will happen more frequently during Early Access.

To read the full list, visit the H1Z1 “What you can expect” page.

Want to learn more about zombie killing fun? Check out the official page and get in on the action.

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