PAX South: Gigantic Additions Have Been Made (Interview)


The branding conundrum that is Gigantic – seriously, try explaining to friend’s you’re heading to the Gigantic party without issue – was at PAX South in full force featuring one of the largest, loudest and most-attended booths of the fledgling convention of all things nerdy. Developer Motiga had good reason to return to the PAX scene, where we were introduced to Gigantic at the OG PAX. The alpha servers recently accepted two all-new heroes and a new map.

Naturally, both of those additions came up in our bi-yearly chat with the man with the plan James Phinney. We hit Phinney up for some more details on Gigantic’s expected released but were immediately laughed off. I mean, come on, the third-person MOBA already has 14 gods and you don’t need to balance lanes or jungle buffs given the game lacks minions of any kind!

Hit the jump to learn more about the latest pair of mages – one a summoner, the other more a glass cannon – and the new map, which is expected to be the title’s featured starting map.