Harlem Shake Taking Game Developers by Storm

Harlem Shake - Shazbot! Edition

Everyone needs a little break from the day now and then. There’s few better ways to relax, unwind and recharge than to flip through a few YouTube videos, which is exactly why some of the most ridiculous acts ever caught end up going viral. The latest craze? The Harlem Shake. This one may have already jumped the shark – thanks Dr. Oz – but game developers need a break as much as anyone.

Developer after developer have jumped in on the action to entertain fans and bust out some sick dance moves complete with props.

If you’re up for some laughs you’d better stick around and go beyond the cut. Where we’ve compiled all the zaniness in one neat little package for you! Fear not, each video is only ~30 second long.

If you come across a developer Harlem Shake that we haven’t covered, then by all means please leave the URL in the comments and we’ll embed it right quick.

Hi-Rez Studios, maker of SMITE, Global Agenda and Tribes: Ascend do it in cosplay.

PopCap, creator of Plants vs. Zombies and casual goodness, do it in the break room (where they have skeeball!).

Ubisoft Toronto, the dev studio behind the upcoming Splinter Cell and Rainbow 6 titles, have an actual skilled dancer as their front man and some post production.

Riot Games, League of Legends (as if you didn’t know), have quite a few employees that decided to go topless.

Infinity Ward takes a break from Call of Duty to get down in the company’s industrial complex.

Adhesive Games leaves it to a machinima Hawken Harlem Shake.

Silent Studios and Capcom team up for their own rendition complete with Capcom cosplay.

5th Cell and WB Games throws together a Scribblenauts: Unlimited machinima Harlem Shake.

Zynga NY, aka OMGPOP, the maker of Draw Something, joins the festivities with horse mask (thanks Salty Poopy!).


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