Hearthstone: Two Sides of the Same Coin

lh_hearthstone_two_face_coinWhen I initially began my adventure in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft I quickly cast off the game. Frustrated by the potential for pay-to-win and my self-imposed delay in joining the ranks I was convinced that I was behind a curve that’d be forever out of reach. Excitement at seeing Kieron the Loaner immortalized – although retooled and renamed – and an addiction to everything Warcraft, I returned to give the game a fair chance.

Week’s ago, I had what was probably the best string of luck, and in my mind skill, since I began Hearthstone. In a poor start, I was well behind a warlock in health and minions. A constant bane to my rogue, I figured I was a single turn away from certain death. Realizing what I had left in my deck I knew I had a few outs. One that could even provide a decisive victory if it came out in order and was player properly. Here’s how it turned out.

Now, I’ve certainly had more impressive wins in my 150 or so victories to date, but that’s the best mix of luck and skill that’s been saved by Twitch. More recently, I had a fantastic back and forth game with a Legendary branded warrior player that ended with a slim -1 to 4 victory, of which I would have lost the next turn.

Harvey Dent will be the first to inform you that there’s two sides to every outcome. I had that scratched up side happen to me this past weekend during a Sunday Funday stream. After a solid run in the end of September to drop to my lowest point in ranked play to date I was beaten to death repeatedly by those early rank players for October’s season. Got me thinking back in paragraph one’s mentality.

At least the Curse of Naxxramas has been lifted.