Hero: 108 Online Continues Open Beta

For those of us who enjoy our MMOs quirky and with a dash of cuteness, a new contender has entered the arena. Hero: 108 Online sets the stage for a family-friendly adventure based on the hit Cartoon Network show of the same name. The game is already full of characters and creatures from the show, giving the developers the chance to focus on gameplay and social mechanics. Developed by RedGate Games, a subsidiary of Gamania Digital Entertainment, Hero: 108 Online allows players to hone their skills based on the four elements: wind, water, fire, and earth. Allegedly “unlimited” personalization options are available to your character, from equipment to costumes.

Banished from the Eastern capital, a┬ámischievous┬áman known only as “High Roller” now wanders the land nurturing his vengeful spite towards all those who did not accept him. In an unfortunate turn of events, High Roller is struck by lightning, but he is not killed. Instead, he finds that this incident has endowed him with the ability to communicate with animals. Fueled by hatred, High Roller coerces all the creatures of the land to wage war upon the humans who had once cast him off.

Challenge this “Programmed Army” through six Animal Kingdoms – each with 13 maps – and immerse yourself in rewarding dungeon experiences. Team up with your friends in this action-heavy yet light-hearted new MMO from Gamania Digital Entertainment.

Since July 12th, 2010, Hero: 108 Online has been running Open Beta, complete with in-game events through friendly Game Masters, as well as internet promotions. Keep your eye on the official site for any exciting news!