Know Thy Blogger: Ronix Exposed

After a gentle nudge from iTZKooPA, I figured it’s about time to properly introduce myself to the Lore Hound community. As a fellow gamer and an avid disciple of the MMO genre, I am excited to have this opportunity to share my views and experiences with a wide range of opinionated people. I often find reading the comments on web columns just as interesting (if not more) as the articles themselves. Here’s to future banter and discussions! *toasts

Without further ado, I bring to you…

Subject #46231593 Profile

Alias: Ronix

Origin: Unknown

Description: Gamer, Writer, Commercial avatar editor

Case Study

Even before being committed to the institution, the patient has displayed a strong affinity for video games. This is likely to stem from the fact that he enjoyed reading books from a young age, fantasy being the preferred genre. To Ronix [Note: Alias, see above], video games revealed the promise of interactive worlds where the player himself was a key driver of events. Ever since being introduced to the media by a game called Doom, rapid degradation was only a matter of time.

The allure of gaming grew more powerful when the subject discovered a particular subgenre – Massive Multiplayer Online Games (Note: MMOGs as referred to by other contaminated).

His first encounter was with Legend of Mir 2, a title that despite being relatively unknown in the West, proved to be a moderately successful franchise. In retrospect, the game boasted fairly punishing gameplay mechanics and heavy grind [Note: Killing the same type of monster over and over again in order to gain experience and levels]. Nevertheless, the subject thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was particularly drawn to the idea of inhabiting a world where living players roamed the lands and interacted with each other.

After a short break, Ronix found himself trying out the latest titles to hit the market. None of them seemed to capture the feeling of a real world that was present in such force in his first venture into MMOG domain. Two other titles are worthy of mention as they are most likely to have triggered the tragic events that unfolded later on. It is truly unfortunate that no one else in the patient’s social circle was experienced enough to recognize the symptoms and act on them immediately. Background checks have been carried out on all those Ronix came into contact with and no signs of contamination have emerged.

Aion and Global Agenda could not have been more different so the subject’s reasoning behind selecting these two games is still unclear. The former alluded to the promise of a bright new world to explore, one filled with magical encounters and memorable adventures. The latter took an unusual approach of mixing typical aspects of an MMORPG with the action elements of a team-based shooter. Neither of these titles lived up to the patient’s expectations, but their combined influence served as a mental push that tipped him over the edge.

[Note: Description of events has been blanked out to preserve privacy and in accordance with Order#113]

History of corruption

Legend of Mir 2


Global Agenda

LOCO Online

[Note: major cases of collapse recorded only, for minor incidents see File#2593]

Result of treatment

The patient has shown signs of recovery with the usual symptoms being on the decline for the last 912 hours. However, there are still instances of uncontrolled brain activity and shifts in mental stability. The pragma scan has revealed flaws in the surrounding matter that leads us to conclude [blanked].

The staff has been instructed to indulge the patient within reason and a web portal has been set up to create the illusion of a persistent network. The subject is allowed contact with the portal and human activity is simulated in order to recreate a familiar environment. Following Order#74, Ronix will be terminated as soon as the data has been successfully retrieved.

End of Record


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