HiRez Studios Announces the Next God in SMITE: Freya

HiRez announced another god this morning, and it’s been the officially leaked goddess, Freya.

They were proud to show off sketchesZbrush renders, and polypainted renders of her via Facebook in celebration of 100,000 likes on their Facebook page, and after yesterday’s gameplay preview, it’s no wonder they revealed her today.

Here’s the video of their reveal; and continue reading for the text version of her passive and active abilities.


Passive: Brisingamen’s Blessing

Freya’s necklace converts 20% of her magical power to physical power.

Ability #1: Irradiate

Freya’s basic melee attacks do additional magical damage plus a percentage of her magical power for a short time. If Pulse is activated as well, this damage is reduced by half.

Ability #2: Pulse

Freya’s basic melee attacks become ranged attacks for a short time. This attacks do additional magical damage, and slow the target by 25%, along with nearby enemies. If Irradiate is active, these ranged attacks no longer apply the slow, or affect nearby enemies, and the bonus magical damage is reduced by half.

Ability #2: Banish

When cast at her ground target, all enemies in the radius are lifted into the air where they stay for 3 seconds Valkyrie’s Discretion. Targets that are banished cannot take damage, or take any action.

Ultimate Ability:  Valkyrie’s Discretion

Freya uses her cloak of feathers to fly above the battle, raining down magical attacks from above while being immune to all attacks. Only 4 attacks are available during each ultimate.