How to Get the Solar Eclipse Ra Skin in SMITE

[UPDATE] This promotion has since ended. Sorry!


For those who are after various skins to add to their collection, you might have wondered how to snag the (slightly) elusive Ra Solar Eclipse skin.

Well, it’s fairly simple.

Make sure you have a Facebook account, and head over to “Like” SMITE on Facebook. Their Facebook page is this:

Once that’s done, click on this link here:

All you need to do type in your First and Last name, your country of residence, and your e-mail address.

Once that’s done, you’ll receive a code that you need to write down (because SMITE doesn’t support copy/paste, yet!).

Log in to SMITE, and head over to “Store” then “Promotion”. Type in the code you wrote down to receive your free skin!

Make sure to check out all the other skins coming into to SMITE, such as the gold skins.


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  2. When I go onto the store on the smite website, all that pops up is their Ultimate God Pack promotion. I can’t see anyway around this and really wouldn’t mind it if someone told me how to get around it.

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