Hi-Rez Studios Rewarding Those That Help SMITE Grow

The rise of the MOBA genre has been nothing short of impressive. Conceived as a player-created mod to World of Warcraft, the genre once known as DotA-clones has taken the crown of eSports from the likes of the long-standing RTS and FPS genres. SMITE, perhaps the first of the League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth of the world to break with traditional MOBA mechanics, has seen its own impressive growth.

That growth hasn’t been accomplished in a vacuum. Heavens no. The worldwide tournaments, growing viewership and eSports channels led by HiRezBart and community players like L1onheart, came fast and furious through word of mouth. To that end, Hi-Rez instituted a Refer-a-Friend promotion to reward those that help SMITE.

Players that haven’t already convinced they’re friends to join the various pantheons now have more incentive to do so. A friend that reaches level 5 will earn you an easy 250 Favor, stacking to 1000 at level 20. A level 30 compatriot will fill your coffers with 2000 Favor plus 200 Gems, the in-game currency.

Difficult to earn actual cash value? Perhaps. But these rewards are per player, meaning they can easily compound to impressive gains if you’re part of a clan, large group of gamer friends or decide to use $100 of free Google AdWords to boost your marketing reach.


  1. Mobas arent from World of Warcraft.
    Dota custom map and other similiar maps are from Warcraft 3 RTS game wich came before WoW wich also made Wow’s lore alot more popular

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