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Have you ever wondered how a guild grows in level? Are you one of those who, maybe, believes it impossible to grow a small guild? Then allow me to contradict you. Oh yes, things have changed since launch, and even though some might complain that it is unfair to lower certain requirements, the truth is, building up a guild city and raising the level of a guild could both use a good thorough revision.

Hello again and welcome back to Hyrkanian Insight, where you’ll find all sorts of thoughts and facts concerning the game Age of Conan, which we love (and sometimes hate) with a passion. As you may have guessed we will be talking about renown in its various forms and how to acquire it. Come with me, stranger or friend, to see about work and fun…

First things first, I’m sure everyone who has joined a guild in AoC knows about renown, but for those new to the game or even those who haven’t played, let me explain: Renown is to a guild what XP is to a character. Each and every member of a guild can and will earn renown through various methods, and they will get it even without noticing it. So, why is renown and guild level important? Easy, guild levels bring rewards; from social outfits to show off on your walks through the city, armored mounts from which it will be nearly impossible to knock you off while you’re riding, to better and various decorations for the guild city, as well as better lasting potions from the guild city vendors and exclusive pets only available at certain guild level. If that doesn’t thrill you, there is an arena in Khemi, which is only accessible if you belong to a guild of a certain level. More recently the quests to learn the dances of other race are only available to members of guilds level 9 or above. And for PvPers, the access to Volume of Carnage and various siege engines also depend on guild level.

All that from top of my head. All  rewards for each level can be discovered in the Renown tab of the guild window, which you can open by clicking on the third icon on the upper left corner of the UI. And to add to it, there’s the rankings, which weekly will determine the top most renowned guild, depending on the amount of renown earned during that week. It is just a matter of pride, I know, but doesn’t it feel good being part of the best guilds on a server? Or being on top and get to the exclusive new area in Old Tarantia to relax in, at a nice terrace on the roofs of the towers, after an adventuring day?

Let’s get into details. Renown is the sum of the Valor, Glory and Artistry that each member (sometimes the guild itself) gets through questing, PvPing or crafting.


Valor points are awarded to players after defeating each mob or encounter; the amount awarded will depend on the level of the mob compared to the level of the character. Epic mobs will grant higher valor than normal mobs, and that’s why raiding is decisive for remaining on the rankings and earning a good income of renown. Valor will also be received after finishing each quest, (again the quest level will determine the amount of valor awarded.) This makes doing quests, even after reaching maximum level, important, because those quest will prove a boost in valor for the guild. Not counting the money and sometimes good items rewarded that will help us progress.


Glory is the equivalent of Valor for PvPers. Killing other characters while in a PvP area, achieving goals in minigames or simply taking part in those will earn you glory. Sometimes, even when doing PvE content, one can be surprised with glory points; this happens when one of the group members gets charmed by a boss, instantly becoming a foe; if he or she gets killed the rest will get glory. I would advice against this practice if you’re in a group (sometimes in raids it’s not possible to control it) for the loss of a member might prove critical for the outcome of the encounter with the boss, hehe. Also, farming Bori Shrines will grant you a good amount of glory; 9000 points for each altar completed, apart from good mastery and prowess XP which is always welcome. Doing Bori requires owning the expansion though, and even if it’s easy enough when there’s just you and your group in Cimmerian End, it can be a pain in PvP severs or populated servers which do PvP a lot.


Finally, Artistry is the renown earned through crafting in any of its forms. Every profession will earn artistry points with each combine they do; the higher the level of the combines, the more points acquired. Whether it is polishing gems, brewing potions or crafting mighty weapons and armor pieces, all of it earns renown for your guild, benefitting all the guild members in the process. Even gathering earns you a small bit of artistry, well yes, it only happens when you harvest rare resources, and yes it’s so small it’s laughable; but as it comes while you’re harvesting it doesn’t hurt and it’s welcome none the less, isn’t it?

Now, all of above will happen without you even noticing it. To level your character you will quest and defeat foes; to acquire PvP ranks and equipment you will go to PvP areas and fight other gamers; and if you’re a tradeskiller spending time gathering resources and converting them into shiny new pieces of artistry will be a second nature to you. So it’s not much of an effort gaining renown for your guild.

However, there are other options to earn renown which don’t happen as you do other stuff. For one, you can pay Tatianus to cry out loud the virtues and deeds of your guild. Each time someone walks (or runs) by Tatianus and he tells them about it, the guild will earn 2000 renown points. Now this renown will not go to the player pool who paid him, but to the guild as a whole. The curious thing about Tatianus is that half an hour of his services cost 20 silvers, 45 minutes 50 silvers and an hour 75 silvers. I know, it’s extortion. For less than the cost of a straight hour you could have half that time extra; but it would mean that you must come back to him each 30 minutes to pay him again and make sure you don’t get beat by other eager guild member to it.

Also in Old Tarantia, by the PvP recruiters there are four NPCs who are more than willing to take crafted stuff off your hands to equip the armies defending the Kingdom Borders. They will award you artistry points for your cooperation. Alchemists can hand sets of potions of each level, all 12 level 40 items, all 12 lvl 50 and so on can be handed in exchange for artistry. It might not seem like much, but if you take into account that alchemy mats are not that difficult to get, why not use them to earn renown and as the icing in the cake being able to get some additional points instead of selling the result products to a vendor for a miserable price. Gemcutters though are required to be lvl 80, because the NPC will require sets of the same color gems but all levels, but the renown is very good for each, added to that of polishing each gem independently. Weaponsmiths and Armorsmiths can also hand the finest pieces of their work. Obviously architects cannot hand in their work like this.

I left Architects for last on purpose. This is a very expensive and tricky profession that I do not recommend unless you plan on being the architect of a guild city, or co-architect. Leveling up is really costly and will take the money you could be using on equipment, mounts (if you don’t have veteran tokens) or other stuff. It also requires an insane amount of harvesting time to gather materials for the different buildings and decorations. But, if you are one, the rewards of building up are great. The artistry earned from converting resources into slabs, blocks, frames and lintels (among other items needed for constructing buildings, walls and towers) award artistry to the crafter, however when an architect builds up something it also gets artistry points for the guild. And it is high amounts of artistry. To name an example, the Honored Matriarch statue costs 300 granite and 75 feldspar. Crafting the statue will get the architect 120 artistry, but placing it gives the guild 246.000 points of artistry!! And so on with the rest of things that can be put in the guild.

I hope this helped you or at least that did entertain you for a while. If you know any other way I did overlook, please let us know in a comment, you will be most welcome.

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