Pocket Hound: Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure for iPad/iPhone/iOS Review (Video)

Pixeline and the Jungle Treasure for the iPad and other iOS devices by Osao is a platformer that has you collect items while exploring a jungle to find mysterious treasures that turn the main character, Pixe, into various jungle animals. Using their powers, she can gain new abilities that allow her to further explore areas.
This game seems to be intended for younger audiences. The cartoony, colorful graphics were sharp and the sound was entertaining, but the style and simple gameplay definitely seem to target this game for a 6-12 range. The gameplay was not too difficult, but there were some times where I had to focus and try multiple times to make a difficult jump.

The backstory is simple, and the real goal seems to be to just reach the end of the level. The game tries to encourage players to pick up the collectables along the way, but they don’t seem to have any real use. Since there is no real incentive to collect them, I started passing them up pretty quickly to progress faster.

The controls are simple: a left-right joystick controls movement, while a fly-out menu allows you to select transformations and a single jump button allows you to jump. While the controls are simple, I found that the jump took some getting used to and was very sensitive to how long you held it.

Overall, this is a neat game to get for kids. The low price tag might draw in some platform lovers, but don’t expect an extensive experience. The game seemed relatively short and not very challenging, so experienced gamers may want to look around before buying. Check out the trailer if you are interested in the game: