Illum: Back to the Drawing Board

The Warzone and Illum PvP session at the Guild Summit just ended, and while Warzones are getting lots of adjustments, and a new faction-free Warzone called Novare Coast, Illum on the other hand, is being completely redesigned; although, details were sparse.

One thing we did learn, is that sometime in the future, Illum will go back to an objective based system, where the control-points will have a cool-down timer so they cannot be quickly flipped and farmed. Quests on Illum will also not be the primary way to obtain commendations anymore; again, no details were given.

Also mentioned, was that PKing in open world will finally give players a reward in the form of, yes, you guessed it: another commendation currency.

I got the impression that development progress on Illum is extremely preliminary, and nothing has been decided yet, which is why so little information about it was given. Nearly the whole session dealt with warzones, dailies, and commendations. So for those of you who were looking for changes to Illum in update 1.2, don’t hold your breath; it’s going to be a while.