I'm Spent on Hellgate: London

Not to say that I am a valid currency to be used in the world of Hellgate: London, but rather an expression meant to convey my leaving of the game. That is correct, I am done with Hellgate: London, just a few days before having played it inconsistently for a month. What started out as months of glorious anticipation eventually lead to the boring monotony of random hack and slash gameplay.

It’s actually kind of odd. The first few days that I was playing Hellgate: London, I absolutely loved it. I’d sworn that I found a 3D Diablo 2, and that I would be able to finally sink months of time into an [M]MORPG again, but, alas, such was not the case. At about the one week mark I could feel the game beginning to wear thin on me. I subscribed to the non-existant bonus’ and got my Evoker up to a respectable level 34. Then, last night after logging in for the first time in a week, I decided that the game was just too boring to continue to play. I subsequently canceled my subscription.

The game isn’t terrible, but it is monotonous. You’ll grow tired of seeing the same scenery over and over again. Likewise, you will also begin to notice that the quests start blurring and blending with eachother. I understand that there needs to be “fetch and kill” quests, but does there need to be this many? Perhaps when more content is released I’ll head back to check it out, but as of now I can’t recommend this game anymore. The subscription bonus’ are not there and the content is thin and paltry. Overall, I’d say the game could have used a few more months in the oven.

P.S. Happy, belated, Thanksgiving. I have been gone for the past few days without any internet. :)


  1. I really saw this coming with HG:L which is why I never picked it up after trying it out in the beta testing. I think that they had a decent idea but there truly is absolutely zero lasting appeal in their lackluster hack’n’slash gameplay. Obviously they’re lacking something that Diablo had.

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