8 MMORPG Betas Worth Signing Up To!

With all the new MMORPGs on the horizon I decided to put a small list the games that are in open beta or have signups. I went through a lot of games and picked the ones that looked as though they had the most potential.

Age of Conan – Beta signup

Whats so special?
Player created cities, Massive PvP and Siege Battle

The Chronicles of Spellborn – Beta Signup

Whats so special?
Uses Unreal engine, PvP, Targeting combat (No auto-attacking)

Darkfall – Beta Signup

Whats so special?
Engage in grand activities such as kingdom building, politics, strategy, diplomacy, combat, warfare, conquest, and racial wars.

Exteel – Open Beta

Whats so special?
Mech combat with MMORPG leveling

MythosBeta Signup

Whats so special?
Diablo style combat with ungraded grahics

Perfect WorldOpen Beta

Whats so special?

Massive character customization
Savage 2 – Open Beta

Whats so special?
Fast paced strategy shooter that takes team based game play to another level
Warhammer Online – Beta Signup

Whats so special?
Next generation Realm vs. Realm system integrating both PvP combat and PvE quests on the same map in support of the greater war.


  1. I really need to checkout Exteel I enjoyed your coverage of it. I really love PVP. I bet it runs really well since they coded their own technology for it

    From that list really keen on Spellborn, Darkfall, and Conan. However, everything you listed is worth checking out.

  2. I tried eXteel tonight and IMO it barely qualifies as a MMORPG. No persistent world. 3rd person, FPS-twitchy gameplay with poorly-handling anime-style “mechs”. Didn’t see any voice communication options, which the game sorely needs.

    It’s not a bad time-waster, really, but not deserving of this list, for sure.

  3. Exteel is not an MMO. 8-16 players per session. It’s Tribes with mecha, except you can pay cash money to upgrade yourself. Good for a few rounds, but an MMO? Not so much.

  4. eXteel is a great game regardless of being an MMORPG. You get to upgrade your mech and have fun fighting people. I got to level 24 and have full zeeker and wielding dual annihilators.

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