Incoming Hotfix to Buff Enhancement Shamans

Ghostcrawler announced via WoW’s official forums that the developers think Enhancement Shamans don’t do enough DPS. I, for one, could not agree more. The buff comes in the form of a tweak to Flurry, a talent that was nerfed earlier in the expansion because Enhancement was supposedly doing too much DPS. I disagreed vehemently with that decision. The entirety of GC’s post follows:

We agree with some of the recent discussion about Enhancement dps. We are going to hotfix a change to the Flurry talent to increase it from 25% to 30% attack speed with 5 ranks.

We also agree that Enhancement may have survivability problems and understand that players don’t necessarily feel they can afford the bonus Stamina from the Toughness talent, at least in PvE. We don’t have an immediate change to deploy here, but it’s something we’d like to fix and a candidate for future patches.

With an extremely high uptime on flurry, fellow enhancers can look forward to an increase in not only Auto Attack dps, but also Maelstrom Weapon procs, Static Shock procs, Flametongue procs, trinket procs, and weapon procs. The increase in Maelstrom Weapon procs should also lead to a higher uptime on the 4-piece tier 10 set bonus.┬áThis seemingly small tweak will actually increase enhancement DPS by quite a bit. At least, that’s the theory.

The second part of GC’s post addresses a long standing issue that Enhancement Shamans have had. Being a melee spec that shares gear with a ranged class leads to enhancement being one of the squishiest classes. Couple that with a lack of defensive cooldowns (the 2-piece tier 10 set bonus makes Shamanistic Rage a DPS cooldown), and you have the makings for many dead dual-wielders. Hopefully the devs can figure out a way to not only make my DPS higher but also make me invincible in the process. Then, and only then, will I be completely satisfied.

Here’s to hoping that makes it into the big class changes announcement tomorrow.


  1. As if! IMO Rogues are much more squishy and should not be compared to a mana-user! I mean, who wants to have to drink/eat mana-strudels all the time? Not me! Haha

  2. Rogues *are* pretty squishy. Arguably the most squishy. We’re the only class wearing leather that is locked into a purely melee role. Of course, that was more of an issue when pulling aggro mattered on most fights. Still, these days, a mob turns on you and that’s it. Hope they have a slow swing speed and you can get your Vanish off in time!

  3. Yeah but if a mob turns on me there isn’t much I can do about it. You could hit vanish, or evasion, or glyphed cloak of shadows, or gouge, or blind, or kidney shot, or…

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