Fallen Earth: Lead Game Designer Lee Hammock Departing

Coming out of left field yesterday was the announcement that Lee Hammock, the man who helped shape Fallen Earth into the burgeoning MMOG that it is today, will be leaving the company.  Lee was a part of the Fallen Earth team for over four years.  He was staple in community shenanigans, helped shape the humor of the title, and is just a friendly guy to have a beer with.  “The Beard Man” gave his soul, hell, even his beard, to the game.

Mr. Hammock isn’t leaving the industry though, or even the genre.  He’s moving from his position at Fallen Earth/Icarus Studios to join Gargantuan as that company’s Story Designer.  Gargantuan who, you ask?  Gargantuan, creator of the much-delayed Marvel Universe Online, is who.

Kudos to the Fallen Earth crew for acknowledging his hardwork, and supporting his decision:

“Though we will miss Lee, this is an exciting opportunity for him to work on a new property that is near and dear to his heart and we are thrilled and blessed to have worked with him over the past four years in shaping the story of Fallen Earth.”

This is the second major shake-up in the MMOG development community in the last few weeks.  In mid-March, Bill Roper left his position as Executive Producer of Champions Online.  The spot he’s held since returning to the game industry after the collapse of his Flagship Studios.   Roper is now the Chief Creative Office of Cryptic Studios, with Shannon Posniewski replacing him.

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