Infinite Crisis Community Jumps Ship ASAP


A few weeks back Turbine Entertainment made what must have been an agonizing decision to pull the plug on Infinite Crisis. Its first foray in a multiplayer online battle arena had only launched weeks before after a large showing at PAX East and the recent addition of Ranked play. Why it was cut is still largely unknown. I mean, why drop all that money on a booth at a major event less than two months before such a tough decision (logistics of conventions is a strong reason).

My heart sank when the announcement came across my desk. We’ve followed the game since its original announcement, snagging numerous exclusive interviews with Cardell Kerr and others as we followed along alpha and beta stages. Then boom, we find out the game has a few more weeks of life. August 14 it will be no more.

I wanted to celebrate what was, and what could have been the ensuing MOBA Monday. The rest of the community didn’t care. It was gone. It didn’t matter that prices of any customization, be it cosmetic or an enhancement, had been set to the lowest possible price. Seemingly everyone took their ball and went home. I gave it 20 minutes doing the would-be sign-off show before giving up. I accidentally left the game running in the background, waiting for a queue.

One finally came. Over an hour into the show.

Hopefully, Infinite Crisis will go out with some sort of bang. A proper sign off with some unusual crap going on in Coast City or similar wacky scenarios in the other maps. Unfortunately, the rat-like abandonment doesn’t give Turbine Entertainment much reason to sink more time in. Everyone’s already moved on to the horde of competitors.

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