Instance Gratification: DDO Episode 3 – Korthos Complete

Lore Hound’s band of merry men (and the androgynous Warforged) completed Korthos Island this weekend.  After nearly a dozen hours, around a half dozen adventures, three levels and numerous trips to class trainers, the Instance Gratification team completed Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited’s lengthy starting zone.  This week’s video closes with a first look at what lies ahead, Stormreach and a ridiculous amount of more adventures.

Episode 4 will once again happen on Sunday, and is currently scheduled for an 11:00 AM EST start time on the Khyber server.  Please be sure to complete the tutorial questline of Korthos Island, otherwise you will not be eligible for a group invite.  We’ll be clearing the first few dungeons in the harbor district for Episode 4.  Supplies of DDO Point cards are limited, but still available to those that attend!

Don’t forget, Turbine is currently having a huge sale on Adventure packs in the DDO Store.  Amatera and I both picked up a pair of adventure packs that contain over 10 adventures in total.  All for less than the 500 point cards Lore Hound is giving away!

Prospective attendees should drop a line below so we can gauge the expected attendance.  Include your class if you’ve already decided upon one.  I currently have a warforged cleric (iTZKooPA) and a halfling bard (iTZKHuPA).


  1. FINALLY got it installed, so will try and get time to drop by.

    probably paladin, probably tank and probably named Jondare :)

  2. I played this along time ago, I was wondering do you need a really good system to run this game? i didnt have a good system when i played it last and it was very chopy

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