Screenshot Of The Day Returns (Cataclysm Edition)

Blizzard is bringing back a long-lost feature: the good old Screenshot of the Day. Once used as a method to highlight caps sent in by the community, it has now been re-purposed to give us a glimpse into the post-Cataclysm world. Every day from here on out, we’ll be getting a single picture from the expansion. Being the good little tabloid bloggers journalists we are, it’ll be tough not to analyze them to death. But I’m sure you’re all craving information as much as we are, and hopefully the return of this feature will help ease the wait just a little bit each day.

To view today’s image, you can either visit the official gallery (which mostly features an archive of old Wrath content at this point) or simply click the thumbnail below:

It’s a bit obtuse, isn’t it? A picture of a wall and some deep sea flora? There’s a high chance that this screenshot was taken somewhere in the zone of Vashj’ir or a dungeon in the Abyssal Maw. Sure, it’s not the most interesting screenshot, but undoubtedly your eye is drawn to one key aspect of image: the surly, little Sea Goblin bearing his jaw full of serrated, shark-like teeth ready to sink into any hapless adventurer that might wander by. I think it’s actually a really cool design, especially how many of the core design elements of the average goblin lend themselves to the underwater life (long ears = fins).

What say you, Lore Hounds?

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