Instance Gratification: DDO Episode 7 To Take Place August 29 At 12:00 PM EST

Forget what I said a few tweets ago.  After receiving an entire handful of upset/disgruntled/angry/sad tweets I have decided to pull iTZKooPA out of summer retirement.  The large cleric that could will be returning to lead the seventh episode of Instance Gratification: DDO on August 29 at 12:00 PM (noon) EST.

As always, Khyber is the server of choice. Be sure to complete the tutorial area and dungeon before go time. That means you should have at least arrived at the Harbor of Stormreach.  Level 4 is recommended.  The group is still in need of a tank.  There is plenty of time between now and Sunday for a new player to join the group so please do.

Shoot me a tweet or drop a comment in this post if you want to be in the top six. I will be running on my warforged cleric (iTZKooPA).  Supplies of DDO Point cards are still available to those that attend thanks to the break!


  1. I’ll be there. Markulla the tanky warrior should be level 4 by the time the run starts. Markulla is pretty tough; I’ve been able to solo the starter zone instances on elite.

    If anyone else needs to grind a toon up, give me a shout on twitter @markyork. I’ll be happy to run Markulla or my trap detect/lock picking rogue Markbepickin with you.

  2. Man I’ve been waiting a while for this again, I’ll try to be there as well!! and off course I’ll join in again with my fighter then!

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