Into the Dark Depths of WoW Hoarding

I never thought I’d be one of those WoW players. You know, the ones who obsessively collect mounts, pets, gear and other random odds and ends.  But in the process of leveling and questing, you already amass a hefty number of them. And then, for me, it became a question of “Why stop now?”

Now I’m at 70+ mounts and 50+ pets. Still, not the grandest of numbers compared to some of you who have been at the collecting process a lot longer than I. But all things considered, not numbers to be shy about, either.

Lately I’ve been focusing on the mount-tastic end of the spectrum. First, it was as many of the Argent Tournament mounts that I could afford between gold and Champion’s seals. Then, the Netherwing mounts stole me away for about a week’s worth of grinding. Just recently, I finished up the Mag’har rep grind that allows me to ride Talbuk. Now, I’m working on the Venomhide Ravasaur quest line added back in patch 3.2.

And I’m always on the hunt for rare drops. Whether in revamped Onyxia (the rarest of mounts I have yet to obtain), the Vault, Oculus, Sartharion +3 or any of the many old dungeons that are now soloable at level 80, lately I’ve always been looking toward that next cute little critter that I can strap a saddle on and ride around Azeroth.

But what is it that drives this need to collect? I know it afflicts several other ladies in my guild who seem to have a particular fondness for collecting. Mounts and pets aren’t physical items that I can hold and keep (aside from the recent flying mount plushies). Yet I still want to add them to my growing list and make room for them in my random mount macros. Part of it is the achievement system that rewards a large number of mounts or pets with, yes, yet another mount or pet.

Perhaps I’ll never quite get a firm grasp on this affliction that drives me to collect. But I plan to attempt to explore it. Check back at the site for a new video series that we’re debuting here on LoreHound. I think I’ll call it FOR THE HOARD.


  1. Second! Love the work you guys are doing here! I am currently hoarding/grinding for my Mekgineer’s Chopper, still 8k to go :(

  2. SO glad to see you guys back! I know what you mean about the pet/mount grinding. With me, it’s not so much the pets as the mounts. My pally who has YET to see epic flying (working on it though) is just a few 1000 gold away from epic and bammo, Albino drake. I think that’s what did it for me personally. Getting that ‘special’ mount and of course the Violet Drake to follow soon after.

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