Packing For PAX East

We’ll be covering a wide variety of gaming and MMOG news from PAX East as part of our opening flood of content.  I am based out of Philadelphia, so I’ve decided to take a road trip rather than be molested by TSA screeners and forced to take my shoes off.  In light of the trip I’ve packed the essentials and avoided bringing the distractions.


  • HD Camcorder – I hear viewers these days demand video content.  Not just any video content, but of the newfangled “high definition” variety.  Lore Hound’s got you covered, and I even remembered a spare battery and memory cards.  Heck, there’s even a tripod!
  • Camera – I don’t think the cosplayers would like me following them around with said camera.  Better to snap a photo and move on.
  • Netbook & Desktop – Writing and editing on the go…and stationary!
  • Nintendo DS – Complete with a fresh copy of The World Ends With You.  A handheld of some kind is a requirement at PAX.  Where else have you seen 20+ Pictochat rooms?
  • Paper & Pens – Believe it or not people still use those archaic things.
  • World of Warcraft: Stormrage – Who knows, maybe I’ll have some downtime.
  • Snacks – One thing I have learned about myself at these shows is I hardly make time to eat.  I want to see everything, talk to everyone and document everything.  Portable snacks, like apples, granola bars and crackers, get me from breakfast to dinner.  And second dinner.
  • Miscellaneous – Voice recorder, microphone, backup electronics equipment, business cards, hygiene products, hotel reservations and directions to the convention center.


  • WoW authenticator – There’s already a dozen companies waiting for me to play games.  I shouldn’t have any need – or time – for my WoW authenticator while I take over Boston.
  • Non-gaming Girlfriend – Sorry honey.  Just like I don’t understand Real Housewives of Local Metropolitan Area, you don’t understand Penny Arcade Expo.  We’ve tried to make a go of it before.  I have the scars to prove it.
  • Costume – I’m only going to be posing for pictures and videos for the Lore Hounds (that’d be you).

Shit, I forgot clothes.

There we go.

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