Iris Online Christmas Giveaway

Iris Online Christmas Giveaway

And here we are again, with another Christmas giveaway. This time, we offer you the opportunity to get some cool gifts, courtesy of Iris Online, as we’re teaming up with them on these special dates.

Beginning today, you all Iris Online fans can redeem one of the 1000 codes we have prepared for you. The giveaway codes will grant everyone redeeming one, a Giveaway Package, including 1xChristmas Costume (7 days) and 1xPolar Bear Mount (7 days) Both gifts are new to the game and never seen before. Remember the giveaway will end next January 4th.

To get your code, simply go to our Iris Online giveaways section on the MMORPG list, and follow the instructions. Ho, Ho, Ho! Don’t loose this opportunity, Iris Online Christmas Giveaway is here, on MMOCrunch.

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