Tis the Season: Holiday Offerings from Your Favorite MMOs

Tis the Season: Holiday Offerings from Your Favorite MMOsWoo!  The Holidays are here!  And with them come presents, family gatherings, presents, overeating, presents (what?) and about a b’jillion holiday events across the MMOasphere.  So sit tight, pour another eggnog and read on, because below is just a sampling of what you will find, should you peek beneath the wrapping of some of your favorite online games.

Sony Online Entertainment – Free Realms: Snow, fruitcake, (bleh!) decorations and a Gifting Tree! But beware the Abominable Snowman and his snowmen minions.  It seems they’re all about stealing presents. The nerve!  Fear not, players can pelt them with snowballs and earn rewards in the process.

EverQuest: Oh noes! The annual Frostfell celebrations have been spoiled by thievery! Santug Claugg has fallen emo and is talking about canceling the festivities. It’s up to the players to save the day (not to mention the presents and such) by questing to cheer the old guy up.

EverQuest II: In Frostfell (totally different this time) festival decor, Gigglebigger goblins abound and Wonderland Village await, just take the nearest Magic Closet to I-90 and be sure to turn left at Albuquerque, (ok, I made some of those directions up.) Santa Glug is back with 13 tradable gifts and, in this case, not so much with the ennui.

Star Wars Galaxy: Lifeday

Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures: It’s time for Life Day in Clone Wars Adventures. There are tons of decorations and players can collect Life Day Orbs to exchange for rewards, or wear Life Day Robes and get presents from the (totally different, no relation) Gifting Tree.  Oo, I hope I finally get that bantha poodoo I’ve been asking for!

Star Wars Galaxies: Through Jan. 11, Dearic, Wayfar and Doaba Guerfel are decorated for the annual Wookiee Life Day festivities. (Do I sense a pattern in the Force?) Tons of winter-themed quests are on offer. Members of the Rebellion can decorate trees to receive special Life Day rewards while Members of the Empire will be rewarded for destroying presents that the Rebels leave behind. No word on whether or not said Members of the Empire will then be “rewarded” further with socks full of coal by a Jolly Old Jedi in Red.

Nexon America – Combat Arms: It’s everyone’s favorite holiday theme: Scorpions versus Spiders! (Wait, what?) Now through Jan. 16, every soldier has been issued an assignment to either the Scorpion or Spider team and every day each team will compete to get the most GP and EXP. Aww! It’s just like my childhood holidays back on Grandma’s farm, right down to the nutshots and permanent weapon sale! *sniff* Someone fetch me a tissue, I’m overcome with nostalgia.

Dungeon Fighter Online: Hey, this time of year brings the Winter Festival in Arad, and you know that that means! Ok, maybe you don’t, so read on! DFO is giving away items every day just for logging in. Players can get gifts such as double EXP potions, skill reset items, DFO figurines and in-game currency.

Mabinogi: Here we have the Ancient Treasure Chest event. It’s just like my childhood holidays back on… oh, nevermind. Players should be on the lookout for Fomor Minions dropping strange fragments. Ten magical fragments makes for one treasure chest. Also, during the All for One, One for All Guild event, assemble your guildies at a specified time and get a prize.

Maplestory: December

MapleStory: Dec. 20 to the 28th, players can buy the Holiday Surprise, (a highly valuable version of MapleStory’s usual Cash Shop Surprise.) Happyville has gone holiday from Dec. 20 through Jan. 5, where players can participate in the annual Maple Christmas Tree Event. (Remember, the lights go on first.) There’s more, but you gotta play to get it.  So go play!

Vindictus: Holiday avatar items! For Vindictus mercenaries! There’s special candy stripe inner armor, (wearing Underoos is fun!) Santa hats and more. Players can also reap the rewards of special in-game events; rewards like their own set of reindeer antlers and a glowing red nose. Pair those up with that candy stripe underwe… er… inner armor and Victoria can keep her secret, because Santa’s Li’l Mercenary is fierce!

Frogster America –Runes of Magic: The holiday season has arrived in Taborea, along with a sleigh full of special events! Runes of Magic players can take part in the Snowflake Festival; giving adventurers (accountants and actuaries need not apply) the chance to earn rewards for finishing special daily quests. Players also have the ability to decorate their in-game houses with festive decor and plant seeds for Christmas trees. (Again I remind you, the lights go on first. Really, it’s a crucial first step, don’t blow it.)

First Planet Company – Planet Calypso:
The annual Merry Mayhem hunting contest (for all the naughty and nice, boys and girls) begins on December 26th, 2010. Prizes will be awarded to those with the most kill-points over a total of no more than 30 hours. (Even gamers need time to open presents, see their families and drink Eggnog.) Winners will be announced on January 8th.

Unlike last year, at this year’s Merry Mayhem kill points will be awarded for inflicting the most damage. You don’t have to shoot the killing shot, but you have to inflict more damage than anyone else shooting (or maiming, or slicing…) Wow, that really is like being back on Grandma’s farm.  *sigh* Those poor chickens…

SG Interactive – Cross Title Holiday Charity Event: SG Interactive is teaming up with Child’s Play, (a game industry charity that supports sick kids in hospitals across the world) to offer special in-game items for its various titles, (Pangya, Grand Chase and Trickster Online.) Proceeds from the sale of these items, marked “Child’s Play,” will be donated to the 2010 Child’s Play charity drive.

Pangya: Santa Boo has been all over the island, hiding Christmas Stockings as he goes. These stockings can be brought to Cadie’s Cauldron and exchanged for Santa Club Sets or (presumably other) Santa Boo Stockings. Additionally, once per day, players can expect to find goodies such as comets, scratchy cards, card tickets, sweaters inside said Christmas Stockings. What?  No bourbon for my nog?  The heck kinda stocking is that?  I suspect Santa Boo, his nose is just a leetle too red, if you know what I mean.

gPotato.eu – Canaan Online: Adventurers, start your engines! You have a chance to find Christmas Gift Boxes on all monsters you challenge. Inside thee will be Candy Canes or Christmas Stockings. Collect them! Exchange them with Santa!  In return get rare pets, (Reindeer or Christmas Elves) as well as costumes and an exclusive pet and mount combo -drumroll please- the Reindeer and Sleigh! Also, there will be candy. So much candy… but not from strangers, because that would be bad.

Dragonica: Ice King and Queen

Dragonica:  Three words people; Cute Christmas outfits! Snowmen, Santa and Penguin suits will keep players cozy (and ever so stylish) this holiday season.  Players can also gather special Christmas balloons, each with a letter on them. Use those to spell out certain Christmas, New Year or Dragonica related words and receive special buffs exclusive to the Christmas holidays. Because there’s nothing like being in the “buffs” at Christmas. Ba-DUM-bum!

Flyff: Holiday events will give all players bonus experiencer, as well as gifts and a chance to win rewards just in time for Christmas. Players will also have a chance to meet their Game Masters dressed as Santa Claus in-game, so it’s a great time to log in and play.

Rappelz: Find Santa! (Wait, is he missing? Noooo!) No, wait, he’s hiding! (Naughty Santa!) He’ll be in a secret location every day, for the whole day. Players need to find him to be rewarded with Christmas goodies.  So get moving!  The Jolly One has presents to deliver all over the world and he can’t do that until hide-and-seek is over.

Fallen Earth –  Holiday Apocalypse Challenge: Fallen Earth has partnered with AMD, Patriot Memory, Tt eSPORTS and Thermaltake to host a festive giveaway for new and existing players. The prize?  A fully loaded, custom Fallen Earth PC and iPhone 4 device! Yowza!

One contest entry can be earned each day a player logs into the Fallen Earth game through January 7, 2011.  So, you know, get playing! An Early Bird Prize winner and five additional prize pack winners will be randomly selected from among all who have entered between December 9-19. The Grand Prize winner and the remaining five prize pack winners will be randomly selected from a list of all players who have entered between December 9 and January 7.

City of Heroes: Badass Elf

NCSoft – City of Heroes: Winter has arrived in Paragon City, the Rogue Isles and Praetoria. Every City of Heroes character that logs in between December 17th and January 3rd will unlock:
• The Fuzzy Earmuffs costume piece.
• The Holiday Spirit. Temporary Power grants 48 hours of 25% Debt Protection.
• The Holiday Cheer. Temporary Power usable on other players to give them a Mystery Gift.

Holiday presents! Candy cane salvage! Lumps of coal! New emotes! Quests!  Yeah, that pretty much covers it.  Oh, except to beware of Lord and Lady Winter and the Winter Horde.  Bad lot, they are and lousy party guests to boot. (Who never brings a hostess gift? Yeah, I’m looking at you LW… er, both of you!)

And that about does it!  It’s taken me days… erm, ok, hours to construct this post of holiday cheer and goodwill for you people.  I hope you appreciate it.  More importantly, I hope this squares things with Santa, because I can really use a nudge back toward the “good” list after that whole convincing-my-brother-he-was-adopted experiment.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

Rotating Snowman Image: by Petritap (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0) or GFDL (www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], via Wikimedia Commons


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