Isn't it Time for a Planetside 2?

There is one MMO that no matter how many times I unsub, I always end up returning to it a few months/years later. It’s not World of Warcraft, or Everquest; I have absolutely no desire to ever return to either of those games. The game I am talking about is Planetside. Time and again I have returned to the game to find new vehicles and features awaiting me and even now, as I just resubbed, I have found even more fun to be had. So when is the sequel coming out?

Unfortunately, probably never. As much as I hate to admit it, Planetside was never really a success story for Sony. Despite holding adequate subscription numbers for a decent amount of time the game just failed to generate any real profits, as can be seen in the poor early mismanagement of the game (updates we very few and far between, bad expac), but this doesn’t mean that Planetside doesn’t deserve a sequel. Despite having some gameplay quirks and questionable goal orientation it was actually a lot of fun and a sequel would be able to fix/build on to those gameplay elements.

Today, the FPS genre is more popular than it has ever been before. Last year Halo 3 sold more than 9 million copies world wide, and Call of Duty 4 sold over 7 million. With this re-invigorated market I don’t see it completely unjustifiable that a PS2 would be considered. After all, everybody likes being part of a huge battle, and certainly Planetside achieved that. Now if only there was an updated website that continually added new fix and gameplay suggestions for the game to help focus the commuity in an effort to improve the game so said developers would know where to start with their new Planetside…

Your welcome.


  1. I totally agree. The game was one of the best MMORPG’s I have ever played, and I’ve played alot.

    Currently I play World of Warcraft, however I played Planetside for about a good year. It was great.

    However, one thing that was very huge in Planetside that I think had to do with it’s downfall is the hit detection. Most of the time, my hits would not register.

    Other than that, it was an awesome game, and I hate to see it fall over such a little thing that could have been fixed.

    Hopefully something comes out with a similar concept, or they improve on the basis of this game. Until then, I sit here waiting.

  2. It’s funny, I absolutely agree. No matter how many times I’ve unsubbed, I come back.
    The bugs are incidental, I mean next to any other MMO PS had its share. Though admittedly PS bugs are a little more noticeable and repeatable than some others in other games. Hit detection (to respond to the comment) is more of a computer performance issue or just you. I’m a 5 year veteran and I played beta for over 4 months before release so I think I know what I’m talking about when it comes to this game ;).

    I have to ask the community.. what could replace planetside, what is like it? what is even near the same dynamic that planetside provides?
    Nothing, nothing at all. There is nothing like it and it seems nothing will be coming out to meet it. Huxley was a thought, but we have seen the Koreans bow out with Huxley truly being mmo and turning it into just a MMO of instanced play, ala other RPGs that wouldn’t do the server thing.

    Planetside is a travesty of bad marketing, no plan for support, and just a simple lack of faith on the part of Sony.

    It seems bizzare that they would pump so much money in a project and then just leave it out to dry. It created its own buzz and would have created so much more had marketing take hold of it.

    But we all know this.
    You’ve either heard of Planetside and played it, or simply have NEVER even heard of it, ever. It’s def. a game I can count on people saying “Huh?” when I say it’s name. Even MMO players. It is still a simply fantastic, fun game, and I really really realllllly hope someone takes it to the no. 2 level, that or someone take on the MMOFPS with some real vigor soon.

  3. I quit PS probably 2 or 3 years ago adn I agree. Nothing new coming out even looks like it compares. The idea and gameplay of this game was some of the best I’ve ever played. I loved playing as a team and the huge battles.

    Huxley looks to be the closest, but it even doesn’t look that great.

  4. Max Gaming seems to be working on a world that will offer similar gameplay as Planetside called Dark Horizons.

    I have to admit I am a fanboy in their beta test of their new mech game Lore Aftermath, but if they work with the community like they did with Lore should be good.

    With that said I have unsubed and resubed to planetside 3 times myself :) currently I am unsubed. The giant battles were just awsome.

  5. you’re right!!!…never heard of planetside. got sick of wow. loved BF2142. got bored with cod4 twitch type style…checked out huxley – unimpressed…wanna check out planetside for the first…the more i check out huxley, the more i hear about this old game…hate to think i missed the first and best! Its decided…I’m getting it!

  6. I have been on PS on and off (mostly on) for 5 years- it is such a great game and if you and a few work mates get on at the same time ,form a team, get on a talk utility-it is even better.
    It has over last 6 mo slowed down and there seem to be a lot on noobs on the TR team which I mostly play.
    Only thing I don’t like is giving Sony $15 a mo to play it–too much!

  7. Yes, it IS time for a new MMOFPS!

    We’ve been longtime Planetside players and still enjoy it. But, after all this time a new game would be great. And, we think we may have found it in the new Chinese MMOFPS Welkin4591.

    To help the english speaking world play we’ve built where you can download all the game files, translations and a tutorial showing how to make an account.

    Come by and hop on Teamspeak with us and give it a try!


  8. I forever will class planetside as the best game ever made. It is the only game that has lasted this long and to this day online gamers long for it again. It is a shame that they never made planetside 2. I hear all these new games come out but in the end you find its a 10v10 or a 24v24 player game and they call it MMO. Nothing will every compare to this game and the amazing battles and FUN it gave to anyone who every played it . Long live this game and I seriouly hope that one day Sony realises what a Gold mine it was and STILL CAN BE.

  9. I got Planetside in the way back when. As time progressed, I ran out of time and was not willing to pay for it, but did return to it for a few months, and it is still a great game. The graphics, physics, and effects are outdated, and thus I fully support, nay, lust for, a sequel. When a game starts you, ballsy as I was to go feet first to the fight, dropping out of the sky, jumping into a tank and shelling a base, that game is worth its salt. But unfortunately, Sony left PS for dead, and it could have been great. I honestly believe that if they were to bring a sequel, it would be a hit. Use a more updated engine, even just up to about BF2142 standards with those effects, and I’d be ecstatic. But I doubt it anytime soon. Only time will tell, though time has told little so far.

  10. Yeah its true the devs left this game for dead, but the die hard veterans of this game like me will never stop playing this game and until they pull the plug on the planetside server this game will continue to run.

  11. Planetside 2, who knows but for someone who started playing this game in June 2003 the large reason for the lack of massive success is purely SOE’s fault.

    They do not listen to their player base or it seems conduct enough market research.

    The game at release was great, Core Combat expansion was rubbish and really the overall management, development and CSR of the game has been extremely lacking.

    However I would have thought that now the market is bored of WoW and its clones a Planetside 2 well written would clean up.

    A WoW/Planetside hybrid would own.

  12. I was so excited for PS. I followed it years prior to release. Watched it change settings and finally bought played and became frustrated. the weapons are so crappy instead of making use of the vast maps people would have to bunch up in crowds close enough for melee fighting so the guns would hit enemy. Your team constantly running in front of your line of fire causing you negative team damage. If they would fix the weapons to shoot like a futuristic weapon should shoot I would be back in a second. Meanwhile Battlefield has that aspec of FPS game down, along with all the others. Its been a while maybe they did straighten the weapons out. Did they? The cone of accuracy doesnt apply when your 10 feet away. Is it anywhere close to a real fps game? thanks much.

  13. I would love a PS 2 sooo much. The first one was great, i had sooo much fun for about a year straight.

    Finally unsubbed because eventually it seemed a bit repetitive and the FPS part wasn’t quite as good as other games when the natural accuracy of an assult rifle was kinda bad. But i still resubbed a couple times more before the game seemed to empty to find a fight.

    Eitherway, if they made a PS 2 that had improved graphics, slightly improved gameplay and a better support team to fix the bugs/glitches i would buy this game in a heartbeat. There is just no other game even closely resembling this game, and im suprised.

  14. I went to the SOE Fan Faire. And got some info on a possible workings for making planetside 2. they want to make it and want to bring in NPC enemies as well as keep the PvP.

    Planetside was the brain chind of SOE’s prez.

  15. Hey people looking for a planetside sequal of sorts look up Section 8 it is alot like planetside

  16. @ Devan,

    Sorry bud, however Section 8 is yet ANOTHER Huxley (e.g: Gunz Online with 3d lobby[aka: city])

    Ignore Section 8, lest you be disappointed.

  17. They really need to make a planetside 2. Seriously. They also have to build into it some way to handle population drops without ruining the game.

  18. Planetside is a game that always will sit in my mind as my favourite game of all time. It is a game that I spent easily over 2000 hours playing. I played in the beta, and in CC beta, having a BR25 CR5 character that was made on the games release date.

    The day I see Planetside 2 in development would be a day I would never forget. I would hope that Smokejumper helps in the development, if not several of the original design team. The devs would have to at least have a love for the first game to make it truly work. I think that if any game is deserving of a sequel, Planetside is the most.

    If the project were marketed correctly and the game was funded well, it would have the potential to be the leader in a breakthrough of MMOFPS gaming.

    Huxley just won’t live up to what Planetside is, simply because it’s more twitch style of an FPS, as well as Planetside is in one world without instancing. PS2 could incorporate so many more elements into it including space flight inbetween different worlds.

    Planetside 2 must be made, I hope someone with the power to make it reads this thread!

  19. I can only underline the fact that I sub and resub planetside time after time.
    Now after the 6th anniversary trial, I have resubbed again, and find my former Werner character on Gemini.

    Just the immense spurt of people logging in for the LAST battle on Werner has given me hope that Sony noticed that they can’t leave this game as it is, as it would be a shame that a great concept as this is going to dry out, crumble and die.

    I hope SoE will get it’s head around a sequel… if there is a single game on the net that woulde deserve it, it would be PS!

  20. You know…with a slight graphical upgrade, the basic game of planetside would probably be the most successful online game on the 360 if it was released this year. The lack of hit detection would be less noticable on a console and vehicle controls would feel more intuitive.

    Unfortunately, the closest we will probably ever get to this is the teaser site that will never contain more than a teaser.

    I’ve been reflecting lately on my MMO experience, and the short time when I was playing DAOC and Planetside simultaneously, is the pinnacle.

  21. Planetside was the greatest game I have ever played…EVER. The Problem with today’s FPS games is that people are SOOOOO into Stats its absolutely NUTS!!! I don’t care if the guns are realistic or if the Hit detection is bawlz, and GOD FORBID there are no hit boxes /cry to all those who flame on PS…My Lib bombs won’t shed a tear as they blow you away. My only real problem is WHY?

    Why are all these games only 32v32 in 2009
    PS was capable of Waaaaay more and it was Open world
    Why do you need achv.
    PS didn’t add those until waaay later and it was still before they got popular in all the other games
    Why can’t someone make a god damn MMOFPS that rivals this game
    PS had a sh*t load of Subscribers in its prime…and it wasn’t until SOE walked away from PS to go eff with some other stupid MMOs did I really see a decline in PS players.

    I don’t know if all of the players of PS were like the ones in my Outfit, But we just took it and played the game as if it was a real war and we stuck together…Yes we complained about Balancing, but we kept on playing for over 3 years the same 20 or so ppl stuck together for an MMOFPS. You don’t see that stuff on WoW or EQ.

    My Outfit was ELH of Konried we had over 2k PPL we were the god damn faction! When we came to a battle WE Pop Locked the continent Immediately! Then we popped the next 1.

    Tell me 1 game that even comes close to the EPIC Battles of PS even the Spec ops like 3 man teams Ninja dropping gens and Draining NTUs on a distant tech plant on the same continent was a lot more innovative then…Oh look a new HAT!!! YAY!!!! oh wait if I remember at BR20 we could take off our Helmet. NOW THAT WAS A GOAL!


  22. Well it just so happens.. as a Planetside subscriber, I just got a survey from Sony to talk about what I’d like to see in a Planetside sequel. *GASP* Miracles do happen!

  23. just the idea of a planetside 2 is making me drool !

    but sadly i doubt it will happen aswell!

    personally i would probably like to see a MMOFPS not build on furturistic theme.

    but planetside 2 would be another step for a genre that never seem to have the breaktru it deserves!

  24. Well i used to be outcast and started the outfit outcasters if any one remembers them.. Gaming needs a ps2. Real big online war and amazing team work. Lets hope that there will be somthing soon that is as good as the best game ever planetside.

  25. I also have been thinking about a ps2. I still think planetside had to been one of the best games out there just because of its size. I havent played another game that can live up to the epic battles of planetside, the closet thing would have to be MAG but that got gay fast. Hopefuly the new warhammer 40k mmo has the same game play, hell I cant see why not. Its based off a game where all you do is kill eachother and there more then one army wanting the same peice of land… sounds likes planetside to me.

  26. I think theres a serious market for a rebirth of Planetside, however it needs to be made by someone other than SOE.

    They’d be onto a winner with a £30 game, distributed through Steam and retail with no monthly subscription that offered battles on the same scale as planetside with 2010/2011 graphics

    The key is to find a balance in the gameplay and then leave it alone. When it dies it dies… but if it’s great to start with and free once people have bought it, they will keep playing it.

    Swat 4 is a great example of perfect multiplayer that’s still going years after it’s release…

  27. it would be good if blizzard bought the rights to planet side and re made it with loot and bosses/ were players are selected to become the bosses for completeing certain tasks the other teams would have to work hard to take them down. also i think anyone who wants a game like this and dosent want it to be pay2play is a moron. simple fact is you get what you pay for.

  28. Planetside is definitely one of the best game ever, however, ruined by lack of support from SOE….where else can u find 100vs100vs100 battles? Also, the community in planetside is one of the best!

  29. Definitely time for Planetside 2. They should probably remove the BFR’s due to balance issues, but keeping the Certification system intact. I personally don’t know any games besides Borderlands that allows you to change your training to a different skill-set, something I think was an absolute breakthrough with changing your character in case you got bored while not having to make a all brand new character which many MMO’s do today.

    Only additive for a planetside 2 instead of the BFR’s just add more vehicles….I’m all for mechs, but I think it hurt the game, especially ones that fly/tank armor.

    Planetside has the very important “fun factor” that still entertains people today and deserves a sequal. Very original idea that i still speak of today with my friends.

    Note* Some devs of this game made “warhawk” for the playstation 3. Some base designs are very similar and gameplay is similar, however doesnt touch planetside’s fun factor of the massive battles.

  30. It’s a shame there has been no sequel yet, PlanetSide was one of the best MMOFPS games ever made. The only thing that was close to as much fun was Tribes 2, and that was much smaller scale.

    It was really great when it started. The home base had heaps of people piling into transport carriers and flying off to huge epic battles. Unfortunately, it got really bad when they tried to balance it, and the population death spiral began.

    Sony: ” Vehicle ‘s running over people was just too overpowered, so we’ve removed that from the game. In an unrelated note, you can now call down a giant orbital strike beam of energy that can strike anywhere, at anytime, and destroy everything in a 40 mile radius.”

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