It’s April 1: Don’t Be a Fool


Every year, the number one rule starting… oh, right about NOW, is to stay away from the tricky, lying interwebz. It’s the one day of the year where, for some reason, all logic is thrown out the window and people get a free pass to tell you the most outlandish things with a straight face and get away with it. Yes, today is April 1, and the time to run away and hide is upon us once again.

Ok, maybe I’m being a TAD melodramatic. As long as we go into today with the full knowledge that we absolutely are going to have our legs pulled in multiple directions, then have fun with it. Just don’t be an April Fool.

If it sounds crazy, and the information about it is announced or “leaked” today, chances are it’s 100 percent fabricated nonsense.

Last year from Blizzard alone we had the ultimate Gear Score slap-in-the-face, and the transformation of our armory toons to all Tuskarr. Of course, they’re not the only ones who partake in the shenanigans, but they certainly are one of the biggest players.

So, what will it be this year? Magical girl transformations for our MMO heroes? Another rendition of World of DanceCraft? Plants vs. Zombies in an MMO (oh wait…)? Ninja pandas?!

Only time will tell. Watch yourself. You’ll see what I mean.

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  1. I do so love what Youtube has set up. But wow wins this year, I almost died laughing at the patch notes.

  2. Please note that if you see an advertisement for the Portal 2 demo ot 12:04 am, it’s probably fake. If you didn’t, the [AprilFools.rar] will be a good tip off.

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