iTZKooPA: The Unachiever

I’m not Juggynaut, or even Heartbourne. I just don’t care about achievement systems. Part of it is because I’m bitter. I’ve played World of Warcraft for most of its six years, but few of my glorious feats counted towards my abysmal score of <4,000. That’s because I spent my most dedicated years before Wrath of the Lich King brought Xbox features to Azeroth.

On the grander scheme, I play consoles and PC fairly evenly, even distributed across each console. That means I’d have to deal with multiple systems, from Steam to Xbox Live to and so on. Furthermore, so many achievements are shrouded in secrecy that gamers don’t know about them until after they’ve finished a given task. I, for one, don’t have time to do multiple runs of games anymore. So I’ve largely shrugged and move on.

But that rant up there doesn’t stop me from going for some marks. My brain cannot resist the draw of all achievements. Alternatively, I’ve accomplished many acts after I stumbled upon most requirements that my brain demands to see the list finished. When I do chose something, it’s not what most people would think as gratifying. Rather than the glory of The Immortal or The Undying, I tend to go for less epeen challenges.

The joke? I haven’t completed one of them… Most of these I have no one to blame but myself, as they’re solo endeavors.

What extraordinary feats have you attempted or set your mind to? How about those that you one day hope to accomplish? How many of you were “Going to get Loremaster and 3000 Quests before the reset,” only to see your hopes dashed?


  1. The Loremaster one was what I was after, until I quit for the month time.

    Now, I’m picking up the farming with rep, going after mounts, and tabards, to kill a few birds with one stone — I’m a sucker for rep farming.

  2. Haha, putting urself out there on this one. Looking like a newb to some i bet. Ive tried to do the epeen ones you mention a few times. Failed everytime. Never my fault though, at least not yet.

  3. Currently im working on major Rep farming. just finished the Sporregar, and Timbermaw. now onto Stormwind and Ironforge. after those two im going back to Outlands for the Cenerian Expedition and so forth. other than that i finally got myself the “King Slayer” title. yes it is fairly Jaded, but it is a major personal achievemnt. I have been wanting to kill Arthas ever since Warcraft 3. and on top of that we downed him on Heroic 10 man. ^_^. but i still rock my “of the Nightfall” title.

  4. I managed to rock Loremaster months before the Sundering, so I was working on reputations to aim for “the Exalted” title. Outside of grinding Gilneas rep now, I need the PvP factions, or Hydraxian Waterlords, or Brood of Nozdormu. FML

  5. Never really shot for anything major on my Nelf ‘cept for ‘Champion of the Frozen Wastes’, ‘Jenkins’, and ‘Explorer’, because I’m either too lazy, or wasn’t able to find a decent raid group. (can you believe I’ve never even been inside Ulduar yet? It’s a shame, really.)

    On my recently rolled undead, however, I plan on trying for the new version of the Loremaster, as well as the three aformentioned. Where I go from there is anybody’s guess.

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