Masthead Studios Releases a New Gameplay Video for Earthrise

Masthead Studios wants to share some visuals of its MMO Earthrise with us all. The game, in beta phase, keeps walking the release-date path and keeps looking better every time we receive  more media.

Earthrise is a post-apocalyptic MMORPG where players take the role of immortal humans in the aftermath of the Third World War, thanks to advanced technology and cloning systems. A new way of life has been set on Earth, but it has its flaws and some insurgents defy the government of Sal’ Vitas.

“The Masthead team is thrilled to finally offer more of our fans a window into the Earthrise beta testing environment. Our developers have been working exhaustively to fine-tune all of the game’s features to deliver a uniquely captivating gaming experience, and we are very anxious for all of our fans to see it.”

So they have just released a new gameplay video, for the joy of every fan and curious gamer. The video showcases PvP and PvE action, featuring several weapons, throughout various locations on Enterra, like the Hatchery, Blasted Region and other places.

The graphics and world design look cool. If you’re interested, you can apply for the beta on the game’s website, as well of access the game forums.

More to come, always here on MMOCrunch.