Jane McGonigal on the Colbert Report: Let’s Spend More Time Gaming

I gave you all a bit of a preview last night of game developer Jane McGonigal’s appearance on the Colbert Report, and I have to say that she did deliver.

Take a look at what McGonigal has to say about common gaming misconceptions, the influence of women on gaming, and why “gaming is the most productive thing we can do.”

Further in to the interview, she describes how she things the world should go from spending 3 billion hours a week gaming to 21 billion by increasing the number of gamers in the world from 500 million to 3 billion. She argues that games can be harnessed as a social tool to effect positive change in the real world and tackle problems such as cancer, poverty and climate change.

Pretty optimistic, but I like her way of thinking. If you’re interested in learning more, check out McGonigal’s book or even her game Evoke, which she also mentions in the interview below.

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