Mytheon Closed Beta Launches Today

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The deities that once ruled benevolently upon the Mediterranean and Middle East have become drunk with power. Men, helpless to resist the overwhelming force of these corrupted gods, cower in shame and fear – what else can be done? Fortunately, there exists a single, gleaming hope for mankind; even the mighty gods answer to a higher authority. The sisters of the Fate have watched the affairs of the malevolent gods and entrenched men for many millennia, but this turbulent time calls for intervention. Declaring an end to the gods’ reign, the sisters have given mankind a chance to prove themselves worthy of emancipation.

It is into this perilous era that UTV True Games has set their highly anticipated multiplayer Action RPG, Mytheon. After months of high-profile advertising, the Mytheon Closed Beta launches today, February 3rd. Peter Cesario, Director of Product Development at UTV True Games, expressed the direction the game should take as it heads towards launch:

“Our focus with Mytheon is to deliver some of the most innovative and compelling content, giving our players the ultimate action-RPG gameplay experience.”

Immerse yourself in the potent atmosphere of classic mythology as you challenge the deities and forge your own, unique path to glory. Players will be known as “Stonecasters”, and with the assistance of the Fates, can wield imbued “Power Stones” in their struggle against the gods. By combining and casting these magical stones in battle, players can summon beasts and unleash fearsome energies against their oppressors.

To obtain a beta key, head on over to the official site. Good luck!