Jumpgate Evolution: Codemasters vs Gazillion and NetDevil

It had been a while since we knew anything new about Jumpgate Evolution, and it is with surprise that we bring you this piece of information. Codemasters has presented a formal complaint in the federal court of San Francisco against NetDevil and Gazillion regarding the status of development of the game. Little they have revealed, simply announcing that they have initiated legal actions, as stated previously, and that in the course of the procedure other documents may reveal the position of the other parties.

Though this would not be the first time companies start this sort of actions, it is always saddening for the gaming community who is awaiting the release of a new game; but after all money is what rules and huge investments like the one Codemasters has done are bound to have repercussions if things do not go smoothly. What remains to be known is the position and version of the other two parties from we know nothing at the moment.


  1. Codemasters is the worst publisher in the market. They screw up every game they get their hands on. They rake in the initial $$, then they dump the license. Take a look at their website! so many failed productions!! FAILLLL

  2. Personally I was very disappointed with how Codemasters handled the European version of the Lord of the Rings Online, neglecting the community by not providing a good service, updating the official website or additional services as Turbine did for the US version of the game. And on top of that the game had a more than slight delay when becoming free to play, therefore making the subscribers to said european version pay for various months longer, until it finally became f2p… what more can I say?

    I don’t know if they’re the worse publishers, but definitely aren’t among the best.

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