Nadirim Announces the Ruffian Class and Launches Closed Beta

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Today is the day. Digital reality and Twisted Tribe launched the closed beta phase for their free-to-play browser-based MMO Nadirim. As this wasn’t enough, yesterday a new class was announced: the Ruffian, coming to join the other classes presented a while ago and giving players another option on the role to take, once into the game.

The Nadirim approach to the “rogue-like” class is to make Ruffians some kind of shady heroes, instead of being villains, eager for fortune. They are not afraid of doing the dirt job and always keep a strong free will attitude, relying on their Agility and Willpower, the attributes that better characterize this class. Tricksters, using the shadow ways of the Assassins, they know they can succeed where virtue and sheer power fail; this is the perfect class for all those shadowy players.

Fancy striking from the shadows? Have a look at the Ruffian class on the official website for both male and female ruffians. If you don’t like this class, remember you can choose from other four. What I recommend is that you try all of them, help the devs make a better game during the beta and then, with a good knowledge of the game, go for the class that better suits you. After that, prepare yourself, Nadirim has no nights… so you won’t sleep; and don’t worry if you’re a Ruffian, the night brings darkness but the day projects shadows. ¬†For those interested in the Nadirim closed beta, please visit their beta signup page here.