Jumpgate Evolution Releases E3 Q&A Video

This week the minds behind one of NetDevil’s current projects, Jumpgate Evolution, released a Community Q&A video. Taken during a small conference at E3, the video answers a number of questions about the game’s goals, battles, and gameplay.

Perhaps the most interesting answer dealt with the question of ship stats vs. skill, and which was more important. The answer was essentially that both were required to cement a player’s chance of victory. Said one of the Jumpgate Evolution developers, “If I’m a (level) 50 and you’re a (level) 10, you can still do damage to me but I will take you down eventually. You will need at least five (level) 10 buddies to defeat me.”

The developers also emphasized that Jumpgate Evolution is an objective-based game, and “not just a bucket of shooting”.

Jumpgate Evolution is a sequel to 2001’s Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative. Set in space, the game features twitch-based combat and collision detection. NetDevil has not yet announced a release date.


  1. Nice video – but I need to see more actual gameplay rather than pretty cgi movies. I was disconcerted to see you can play it like an arcade scroller with a mouse and 3rd person viewpoint…..

    More Wing Commander less gay Freelancer crap! ;)

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