Lore Life Lessons

Hello my fellow MMO travelers.

Some of you may remember me from another time and place that, regrettably, has since been lost to antiquity. Sadly, that former bastion of hope in a cluttered world wide web of MMO news and entertainment can no longer be found. Its collected wisdom now is scattered to the digital wind, unable to be enjoyed in its original environment by those so desperately seeking MMO solace. Spoken of in hushed whispers, considered as myth or legend, and known only to the rare few (millions) who knew it in its glory, it is now gone.

But fear not, my weary adventures. Glimmers of that former glory are being rekindled as we speak. From those ashes, this new home has been born and with its birth an expanded vision. It is a vision of open arms that has welcomed all manner of MMO travelers to take refuge under the wiener dog’s wings.

And while other may still be searching for this refuge, you have found it, like the secret konami code or the elusive Cluck! quest before, you now know where to go and what to do to find out all you need to know about your favorite MMO.

Many other skilled and knowledgeable scribes here have been giving you for months the information that you need, but something has been missing… You’ve felt it, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.

Of courseĀ with great power comes great responsibility, and this MMO sanctuary is no exception. So I have returned to digital ink and quill to impart one MMO traveler’s perspective, a meta of MMOs if you will, that will hopefully blossom into an expanded awareness within fellow adventures of life, living and living a life while still playing an MMO.

So look forward, dear friends. The best is yet to come. In the weeks ahead, you may yet grind that rep, get that sword, find that mount or earn enough gold to buy that thing you so deeply desire. And with it, I will offer my perspective on how your adventures in your favorite MMO relate to your life beyond the keyboard. And while it may be that an adventurer is you, it’s the you that you are that really counts.

Have fun and take care.



  1. I would say welcome back, but as this is a new bastion of hope, I think great to see you again is more fitting. So, yeah, great to see you again! =P
    I look forward to getting my lore life lessons.

  2. Welcome back, kind sir.

    Even though I won’t be the new kid on the block anymore. :P
    At least, this block. And you’re the new old kid.

  3. Alright! The squad has two new? members, and in no time people Lorehound will surpass MMO-Champs in awesomeness (it almost does as is, but cata info is top for some peeps).

    Welcome back, SaintGermain :)

  4. Actually He was the head of PJL back in the day’s.

    We Knew you couldn’t stay gone for long. Why? Of course it’s obvious. Yooour,

    One ooof Us, On ooof Us, ONE OOOOF USSS!! >:)

  5. Thank you for posting something other than the real ID crisis. It was comforting to read something else.

  6. That, and it’s more editorial than MMO-Champion. They tend to post all the day’s worth of WoW news, while we cover all MMOs and Handhelds and post our opinions on some things revolving around them

  7. You know, with all these new (and old) bloggers joining LoreHound, it reminds me of a article one of you did to introduce yourselves on the old site. You never finished it up and I was wondering if you were ever going to. Are you?

  8. @reav
    If I am not mistaken KooPA and Amatera mentioned the “Know They Blogger” segment in a recent podcast. I think it was the MMOcast. Anyways, during the discussion they came up with another idea for it, something to do with what MMOs they have played.

  9. Yea, I’m talking about the “Know thy Blogger” thing. I didn’t know that they LH Crew talked about it – I don’t listen to the MMO Casts

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