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Kitsu Saga is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer role playing game) brought to you and published by Aeria Games. The game features a blend of anime inspired graphics, point and click combat, PvP Elements, and an expansive pet system.  The character creation is a little more in depth for the average free-to-play MMORPG, but still basic.

From the character creation screen you can choose between two different factions,  Order of the Iron Claw and the Flamewind Society.  After your decision, you’ll be taken to decide on your appearance. At this screen, you choose between a number of varying appearance factors; your gender,  your physical build, hair, face, hair color, skin color, iris color, and finally…your growth.

Growth is the unique factor here.  Growth determines your pre-determined  character maturity as you level in the game. For anyone who has played an MMORPG before, this is like stats in other games.

The player has five choices of growth: tough, strong, fast, mystic, and ward. Because each character in Kitsu Saga starts out  classless, this may be a confusing choice to beginners who are not sure what class they want to play. Luckily, the developers obviously figured as much and gave the player the option of previewing the classes, and even a suggested growth option for each class on the character select screen.

The Disciplines (classes) There are eight disciplines implemented in Kitsu Saga currently,  four for each faction.

Order of the Iron Claw:

Godhand Style:  This discipline is a focused melee attacker. While having electrical capabilities, they specialize in dealing continuous damage,  and improve the moral of their allies.

Clearmind Style:  A support role, the clearmind style is used to improve the condition of allies, and their offensive capabilities use fire-based magical attacks.

Cloudstrider Style: Bringing forth the power of elements, the cloudstrider discipline gives you master of lightning and wind on the battlefield to hinder your enemies from a distance.

Mistsong Style:  The mistsong discipline supports allies from near and far, using ranged weapons to attack at a distance, and then transforming to have powerful close quarter skills.

Flamewind Society:

Asura Style: The asura generate powerful spirits to damage their enemies and protect themselves. Using the power of luosha, they display great defensive capabilities. When using the power of Asura , they excel in combat with greater strength and offensive maneuvers.

Watermoon Style: The watermoon discipline uses water techniques for their combat style. Using the element of water, they can either damage foes, or support their allies in battle by healing them.

Astral Omen Style:  A melee style, the Astral Omen is a discipline that utilizes poisons and toxins to damage foes. They specialize in swords and sabers.

Heaven sword style: Another melee class, the heaven sword discipline believes that their true power should be shown through only physical strength and look down on the use of magic. They have strong physical attacks and focus on continuous damage.

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Kitsu, the game’s pet system, allows you to obtain multi-purpose Kitsu fox spirits that will either follow you around or allow you to put them in a ‘Kitsu Cottage’ where you can send them to do various crafting and farming tasks.

The Kitsu Cottage is the players’ own unique area created specifically for communicating with your gathered Kitsu and sending them off to gather materials essential for crafting. At each Kitsu Cottage there are two Kitsu elders.   One provides you with quests and the other acts as a merchant, selling you things essential for Kitsu related goals. You can view and manage your Kitsu Cottage anytime without having to be there, via the Kitsu Cottage menu.

In battle, a summoned Kitsu will tag along as your companion and pick up your loot whilst  providing you different buffs depending on which Kitsu the player has chosen. In addition, you are able to fuse your Kitsus and make them more powerful, using the soul chamber. The soul chamber is a tool located in the Kitsu Cottage and allows  for the player to do three useful tasks; Kitsu fusion, Kitsu cultivation, and salvaging.

To commence the fusing of a Kitsu, the player needs to buy one blank tablet from the Kitsu elder and obtain diverse Kitsu souls of the required level.  The player can obtanin Kitsu souls by cultivating a Kitsu that has achieved enough aura points. Aura points are gained by using your Kitsus in battle.

During battle, Kitsus gain a certain percentage of your experience as their own, this is then converted into Kitsu aura. Placing your battle scarred Kitsu tablet and a jar container in the soul forge will bestow you a Kitsu soul.  However, the player should be warned, if the Kitsu placed in the soul forge hasn’t received enough aura, the Kitsu will die.

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The combat in Kitsu Saga is brightly animated,  fast-paced point and click combat.  Fast paced and point click usually don’t go together, but Kitsu Saga’s battle setup is a bit different from the generic point and click system. As the player roams around the world of Kitsu Saga from quest to quest, he/she will find himself attacking and being attacked by multiple enemies in a row, instead of just one .

The characters on screen battle animations aren’t one strike at a time, but usually 2 or 3 slashes,  followed by a short pause. Skills in game either give you MP (magic points, mana points..ect.), or take up a certain amount of MP depending on what you have chosen to put in the hotkey menu.You don’t have to wait after every monster to attack again due to a lack of mp because you’ll be gaining mp as you battle.   For that reason, the combat feels a lot smoother and more fast paced.

The game offers a skill book system to expand and grow your character, meaning some time you spend in Kitsu Saga will be buying the different skills that become available to you as your character levels. Skills are plentiful early on, however, so your character won’t be spamming the same skills over and over as you travel around the world.

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The world in Kitsu Saga is open and the monsters vary and change depending on the area you’re currently in.  The game offers mounts that  will make traveling easier and the quest system is easy to comprehend because it offers an easy-navigate feature.  All the player has to do is click ‘go’ on the quest tracker and the character will be on the way to his/her quest destination. Some might not find the anime inspired graphics intriguing but overall Kitsu Saga has a lot to offer and is definitely worth checking out.

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