SWToR's New Agent Class Will Sneak Up Behind You

The galaxy cannot be conquered through the Dark side alone. It cannot be molded and formed to the will of the Empire through the exclusive use of sheer force. The need arises for a more subtle approach to politics and warfare, and this is where the Agent comes in. Bioware will allow players from all corners of the world to assume roles in what has come to be one of the most legendary sagas of our time. Sure, Jedi Knights and Sith Warriors make for formidable opponents, but how can you stand a chance against an employer of stealth and other unconventional tactics? The Empire has long utilized the unique skill set of the Imperial Agent, both for close-quarters encounters and long-range reconnaissance. In Star Wars, the Imperial Agent can play judge, jury, and executioner …if you so desire.

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, players will have the option to choose between two subclasses within that of the Agent. The Operative is a versatile component of the Imperial arsenal, capable of assuming stealth and ambush positions as well as that of a combat medic. Close quarters are the Operative’s specialty, where he/she dispatches unwary foes with the utmost efficiency.  In contrast to the Operative is the Sniper. The Sniper excels at both accuracy and discretion simultaneously; he/she is able to discern and exploit weaknesses in the enemy’s defenses while avoiding direct confrontation. This Agent subclass will be a top pick for those that feel that their weapon should be an extension of their body. As the Sniper progresses in training, his/her rifle becomes a weapon of “exacting precision”, capable of striking at the perfect moment to turn the tide of the battle.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Agent has access to one of the most unique ship models in the galaxy: the X-70B Phantom class. Imperial intelligence commissioned this prototype to be the most low-profile, high-tech craft in the known universe. Needless to say, the shoe certainly fits when it comes to the Agent and his ride.

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