LAN Livestream & Giveaways This Weekend (Video)

No need for much introduction on this one. That’s mainly because I drove a solid 8 hours to get to this destination. Starting a few moments after this posting, we’ll be firing up the Twitch channel and streaming a variety of video games through the weekend. The stream will go up and down over the course of the next 36 hours as I attempt to indoctrinate others into SMITE, play my first matches of Titanfall since last year’s convention season – hint, I’ll be terrible – showcase WildStar and whatever else suits my fancy.

Furthermore, codes will be given out for a variety of MOBAs, from Heroes of Newerth to Dawngate. Come join the shenanigans. Viewer matches are strongly encouraged! Hit the jump to get started.

Caution: We’re in the wild, so there’s a solid chance at overhearing some poor language or nasty comments. You’ve been warned.
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