Land of Chaos Online Finally Launched

The doors to chaos have been opened. The self-proclaimed next-generation MMO, Land of Chaos Online, was unveiled today and immediately announced that the game would be receiving additional content in the form of three more playable characters next month.

These newcomers to the roster of heroes will bring the game’s tally of adventurers (or marauders, as the backstories for each character read differently) up to a total of 15.

Some of the favourites such as Merino, Foxlady and RandyRozz have new, alternate costumes on the way; these can be seen in the screenshots collection a little further down and really bring out the game’s graphical attention to detail.

You may feel that the pictures should have been re-sized but frankly they look better in their full (massive resolution) glory. Good enough to be desktop backgrounds, especially the gorgeous looking “Female Anubis” version of Foxlady.

Published by burda:ic (not a typo), the company also has announced that within the next few days, a new map will be released for players to ransack; players will fight for battlefield domination on behalf of the Army of Hell or the Forces of Nature.

This map, called The Ruined Arena, is currently anticipated in regards to LOCO’s Annihilation mode, a five-on-five team deathmatch for the most kills and can also be viewed as one of the screenshots yonder, just skip over to the last one.

[imagebrowser id=208]

Land of Chaos Online is mainly a MMO but attests to having real-time strategy and first-person shooter elements to it as well.  The game looks clean and polished, and the combat looks intense and exciting while your character lends a hand to whichever side’s battle you choose to participate in.

LOCO seems to channel the “freelancer hero” aspect of the MMO genre extremely well, to the point where it seems like this is what the game is specifically focusing on.  The FPS part makes sense for real-time usage of long range weapons or what have you, but how seamlessly the RTS concept mixes into all that, well, we will have to wait and see.