Latest Guild Wars 2 Trailer Continues Making Promises, Backs Some Up

ArenaNet has made some lofty claims with Guild Wars 2.  The sequel to one of the best selling no-subscription games is supposed to reconnect us with our character, remove the grind, advance storytelling, have intriguing combat and cure cancer.  Okay, that last one is a lie, but the others are true.  Despite repeated failed attempts by others, ArenaNet believes it can successfully tackle not just one, but multiple MMORPG cliches in a single game.

We’ve discussed our doubts in the MMOcast, with everyone maintaining a cautious “wait and see” attitude.  Well, it’s time to see.

Take a gander and let us know what you think.  And stay tuned for the next MMOcast, as it’ll let you in on our thoughts.

Lastly, purple Deathwing.


  1. I’ll play this if they let me jump using space like in WoW and there are no stupid limits such as not being able to jump off a cliff or get in the water and if I get a computer that’s good enough to handle the game ofc ;)

  2. And yeah, wth, Deathwing??.. lol
    He must a terribly powerful aspect indeed to be able to traverse between titles with no restrictions, I see why he’s predominately in WoW though.. The purple visage he needs to obscure himself with on GW2 is just a bit embarrassing to say the least.. lol

  3. lol why did you tag this in the twitter feed as #wow?

    Anywho, I loved Guild Wars 1 when I didn’t have the money to pay for WoW. It’s pvp was balanced and fun. It’s graphics were great. And it had a pretty damn good story line.

    Plus it was free.

    Depending on how I feel when the time comes, I might pick this one up just to see what happened to my stupid Ranger/Monk >< Yes, I made a horrible class combo but it worked well with the group of real life friends i had. I could stay in the back doing dps, and could heal too. lol. Good times.

  4. I love the idea of it, but as the MMOcast pointed out – just wait and see. The look is spectacular and the idea of game play not being repetitive is great – I just don’t know how such a dynamic storyline can play out with a MMO.

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