Laziness Begets Frustration, Lost Profits

In late June or mid-July I cut my World of Warcraft time down dramatically. I’d logged out that first night upset that I’d been sat. Again. From there, I decided to just take a week or so off. That became two, and then I’d log in here and there, but I was a phantom of my former self. When I did log, it was usually to check the Auction House or kill time before heading off to start my day. It was at this point that I began gathering tons of materials. Herbs, potions, cloth, Deviate Fish, ore, skinning and enchanting items, anything and everything that I normally track on the AH began to pile up. I was collecting, but not using.

Weeks turned into months. The flow of incoming goods filled my sizeable bag space, then my AH alt’s bank succumbed to the avalanche. Still I collected, figuring I’d make use for it, or make a tidy profit later on. When v4.0.1 hit, I promised myself that I’d go through my nest to get some sort of return. The sheer volume overwhelmed me. I floundered after a few futile minutes of sorting and searching.

I logged in on Tuesday only to see thousands of gold worth of materials flushed down the toilet as the market for Wrath items plummeted (as everyone expected). I laughed and explained my stupidity to my leveling buddy and guild, and they laughed with me. Then I went about my business trying to break even.

Solidsamm’s bags and bank were cleaned and the useless items sold. Solidsagart’s, whom was being leveled, had the same treatment. AH bot’s bags were plundered. Then I hit the bank, only to realize I had a couple hundred herbs left, dozens of gems and more junk for Wrath raiding purposes. At least Endless Rage flasks can be used to speed up leveling (just looking for some silver lining here).

This is not how you run a profitable business. If WoW had taxes, 2010 would be a write-off. I vow to return to the darkest of blacks in 2011. Now to find a particular market to sequester…

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  1. I made the mistake of stashing runecloth in my bankers guildbank. I had picked up over 300 stacks of it while running classic instances for achievements, rep and rare recipees. I thought I had a goldmine awaiting all those new Worgen with no faction rep visiting all those cloth rep vendors in every major city.

    What, you say? They removed those cloth rep vendors? Crap.

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