League of Legends Retooling Ladder for Season 3

The MOBA to rule them all is set to shake the competitive space of MOBA play up. Again. Riot Games announced today that the upcoming third competitive season of League of Legends will come complete with a new league system. According to the company, the community was not satisfied with one avenue for competitive advancement.

Likely seeing an opportunity to make even more money, the new league system will add new ladders. Gamer cynicism aside, it actually provides plenty of options for the community of 100,000s of players to get a realistic shot at having an exciting season.

No longer relegated to the cream of the crop, top 1% MOBA players. Gamers of varying levels will be able to compete across one of six skill-based tiers. Sounding a bit like the StarCraft II ladder system, players are segregated into groups of 250 that are broken into five division, pro gamer division not included. Depending on continued performance, players can rise and fall within the division, and even out of them.

Confused? That’s okay, Riot Games explains the system using a simple rage-free infographic. It’s available in all its scrolling glory after the cut.