League of Legends Routinely Hits 5 Million Concurrent User Mark

Five million. That’s certainly impressive no matter what way you shake it. Riot Games, creator of League of Legends and that’s it, has become a household name thanks to its wildly successful F2P multiplayer online battle arena. Now the number one eSports community, the firm is celebrating the fact that it routinely maintains 5,000,000+ concurrent players at any given time. That’s up from two million just last October.

The developer didn’t boast too much in its short post. However, it did leave players with one important reminder:

Good luck, have fun, and please have mercy on our servers.

If only all the players would simply have fun

EVE Online may hold the record for most users on one shard while World of Warcraft maintains its status as the premiere subscription title. But the F2P genre, be it MOBA or MMORPG, continues to make inroads on the long-standing records. Makes sense, seeing as the overall subscription market has seemingly plateaued.