Legacy of the Void Brutal Been Kicking my A$$

I've a plan, lead the Zerg towards the Terran...
I’ve a plan, lead the Zerg towards the Terran…

Earlier this year I took a dump on StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. The campaign was uncategorically juvenile. A revenge tale of the shallowest proportions. It took a few weeks before I gained the courage to continue the campaign trilogy with Legacy of the Void. I was worried. I feared that the final piece of the trilogy would leave a sour taste. A sour taste that could last for another dozen years. The campaign, like that from Wings of Liberty to Hearts of the Swarm, took an instant turn. LotV focuses on elite Protoss strike forces. Last ditch efforts to save the galaxy from Amon, the galaxy’s most ancient evil. In LotV, Amon hasn’t been my problem.

Nope, it’s been the Brutal difficulty and adjusting to the the Protoss command structure. A command structure that I excelled at once upon a time.

In the original StarCraft, I could successfully challenge most players with a random race. Should they defeat me I’d request my a rematch with my strength, the hyper-intelligent Protoss. Losing with them, even on Brutal, has bothered me to no end. I’ve run through the Whispers of Oblivion mission at least a half dozen times. Refactoring my strategy a multitude of ways through resets and save points. Only to repeatedly fail by the imposed Zerg timelimit. Beating my head against the wall has led me to the conclusion that I’m never going to make the StarCraft II World Championship Series.

I’ll finalize my emasculation with a reminder; Whispers of Oblivions is the god damned prologue mission for Legacy of the Void. #failboat #retire