Legend of Edda Shutting Down Temporarily

It looks like GamesCampus is closing servers down for their recently released MMORPG, Legend of Edda, and going back to the drawing board.  Servers will be taken off-line on Aug 26th while EYASoft, the developers behind Legend of Edda, continue to work on a completely revamped version of the game, which is already in open beta in the EU.

Due to the major differences between the US version and the revamped version, it won’t be possible to just simply update the game, which is why the US version will temporarily be shut down. The relaunch of Legend of Edda is planned for sometime in the first quarter of 2012.

To compensate US LoE players, GamesCampus will be creating compensation packages which includes refunds for spend and unspent CC, the in-game currency, as well as perks for players who want to try out other GamesCampus games.