Lego Universe "Building and Behaviors" Video

The upcoming Lego Universe MMO has been stirring some pots as of late. While the game is geared more towards children and young teens, I have a feeling adults will be elbows-deep in their own Lego fantasies as well. Centering around a core of creativity, Lego Universe seeks to provide an accessible, streamlined approach to building. What to build? Just about anything, says Scott Brown, President of NetDevil. The Lego Universe “Building and Behaviors” video shows that, with three modes of production (ranging from automated to brick-by-brick), the player can really bring his/her imagination to life with pieces and skills that may not be available in the real world.

With such powerful and unique player-made content, the user will be able to create “games within the game” for others to participate and play in. With a robust behavior system that acts as a sort of rudimentary programming language, players will be able to directly control how a Lego creation acts and reacts to it’s environment. This is all very nice on paper, but you can’t be sure until you see it, so take a peek at the video above!