LEGO Universe Online: First Round of Closed Beta Starts Today!


At this years E3 convention Denmark’s LEGO Group along with Netdevil had announced the release date of their first MMOG: LEGO Universe Online. Worldwide release is scheduled for October 26th of this year, but “Founders” can start playing as soon as October 12th. If you are interested in becoming a LEGO Universe founder, then go to the LEGO Universe website to create a LEGO ID and sign up for ┬áthe closed beta.┬áLEGO Group has just announced the first round of closed beta invites have been sent out, so its not too late to get involved.

Players that get into the closed beta phases will have a chance to be the first people to play LEGO Universe Online. I can tell just by the screenshots that it looks upbeat and fun! Make sure you stop by for more information on LEGO Universe.


  1. The closed beta of LEGO Universe started a few months ago. I have been playing for quite a while.. someone mispoke about them just now sending out the first invites. From my understanding, there have been many rounds of invites already.

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