UTV True Games's First True Cast Premieres


UTV True Games has just released its first True Cast, a video cast dealing with MMORPG news and updates.

Hosted by the lovely Morgan, the video cast has a lot of neat information for fans of UTV Games from big game updates to free giveaways and a tips and tricks section. The most interesting part comes at the end however – a quick and funny look with Mike Madden, Creative Director for the Internal Development team at UTV True Games, giving a hectic tour of the development group working on Faxion Online.

The team’s first True Cast does have its problems. The audio needs work and the host, Morgan, needs to find her voice. I’m sure this will come with time and practice. The video cast does deliver the goods in terms of MMO info, so it’s worth checking out.

Have a peek at the UTV True Games First True Cast below.