Lego Universe's New "World Builder League" Zones

[imagebrowser id=408]Not content with prefab content, Lego Universe fans known as the “World Builder League” have gone and used their imaginations and creativity to become co-creators in the game world.  Wait, fans using their imaginations and contributing to the game they play?  No way!  Well, actually, yes way!

Formerly known as LEGO Universe Partners, the WBL is said to be composed of some of the most brilliant LEGO fans in the world, and it shows.  Working with professional developers from NetDevil, they’ve produced a world of ice and snow, (DeepFreeze) a world of space stations and blast-offs (MoonBase) and a fantasy world noted for a trio of quest-giving dragon brothers, (Portabello.)

Looks like there’s more adventure awaiting players in Lego Universe Online than you can shake a tiny plastic stick at.  So get those stubby plastic legs moving!  There are brightly colored worlds to be discovered!  Not to mention Maelstrom Beavers (!) to be defeated and Alien encounters to be… well, encountered.

DeepFreeze, MoonBase and Portabello are ready for exploration and can be accessed via a mission assignment from Dee the Cickadee.  Just head to Starbase 3001, it’s just past the Brick Annex in Nimbus Station, by the entrance to Pet Cove.