Azeroth Under Attack

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The reckoning is upon us. The culmination of our training, of Azeroth as we know it, stands to be judged. By whom, you may ask? By the gods, the titans, the elementals…

…by Deathwing.

The land wretches and twists in a rage born of vengeful hatred, the mountains can no longer contain the furious blaze that toils deep below. Yes, Deathwing has come, and all races alike – from Gnome to Tauren – will tremble and fall before his sweltering rampage. Unless there is a resistance.

Malicious entities, children of the blaze, spill into Orgrimmar and tear down the noble Horde capital from the inside. The very bowels of Ironforge crack and split as earth spirits steal into the majestic Dwarven sanctuary, pushing it to the very brink of collapse. The throne of Magni Bronzebeard is hot to the touch. Too hot.

It can’t be ignored any longer, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm is around the corner, and Blizzard has been conducting dynamic in-game events nonstop since earlier this month. The invasion is steeped in lore, and has been compared to many top-tier raids with regards to its panicked intensity and immersive presentation.

Today, Blizzard posted another blog entry wherein the event are described as having “reached a tipping point”. The honest folk of the Horde and Alliance strongholds have all but abandoned their homes, in search of safe havens from which to weather the storm. However, this is an age of heroes. Leaders of every race are gathering to stand strong against the impending attacks. The World of Warcraft has seen its share of catastrophes, but it has not seen the Cataclysm; be prepared.

Will you flee, or will you join the cause? Unique quests are now available around the invasion zones that will assist you in lending a hand. Or axe.